Thessaloniki:”3..2..1.. Happy New Year!”

Let’s be honest, Christmas is the most worldwide celebration of the year, when families and friends get back together and have great times. Laughs and hugs in front of the fireplace, delicious family meals, warm clothes and snow. These are the things that come to our minds every time we think about Christmas.

In Greece, the tradition of Christmas is really strong. Fireworks, countdowns and music have the leading role in almost every big city of the country. Considered as one of the most happening places in Greece, one more time, Thessaloniki welcomed New Year with a very impressive way.

Although the weather was extremely cold, thousands of people started celebrating by eating, dancing and drinking wine at Modiano Market, next to Aristotelous Square early in the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. Bands and singers were there to season the celebration with their music and their special voices.

Coming closer to the change of the year, thousands of people and the major of the city, Mr. Boutaris, gathered together at the central square of Thessaloniki to enjoy the special ceremony. About 3.000 fireworks lighted the Greek sky for eight minutes, offering an unforgettable spectacle. People of every age enjoyed a combination of colorful fireworks and said “goodbye” to 2016. According to the organizers, there was a platform on the surface of Thermaikos bay, where the fireworks were lighted up. As a result, the majestic view was visible across the whole city.


Text: Korina Flevari


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