Where to play golf?

Golf is the most calm and relaxing kind of sport. In the holidays it is the best way to feel harmony and to keep sport mood. You do not need to have a lot of skills for playing golf. Let’s discover where to enjoy it near Thessaloniki!

The closest golf course for Thessaloniki is Porto Carras Hotel – it is approximately 120km distance. The international-standard 18-hole golf course with equipped facilities makes this place the ideal golf destination. The construction works for the Porto Carras Golf Course began in 1968, bringing a revolution in the tourist and cultural image of Thessaloniki and Greece.

This was the course were played the most important politicians of Greece: among them the President Konstantinos Karamanlis. In 1999 Porto Carras was bought over by Technical Olympic, one of the biggest companies in construction industry. From this time golf is being considered as a main activity for the Greece.


The company is currently realizes a significant contribution at presenting Porto Carras Grand Resort as one of the top destinations for golf in Europe.

The Olive Grove is the first golf course in northern Greece and it hosts top-level international championships. Also it is characterized as «romantic» place. A player can enjoy different views: the sea-side village of Neos Marmaras, the natural landscape of  Porto Carras, Mounts Itamos and Meliton and Porto Carras vineyards.

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The earlier you start training in golf – the bigger chances of becoming a good player or even professional.

The offer of the golf academy is addressed to players of all levels, from beginner to advanced. If you have never played golf – why not to start it in the best place in Greece? Otherwise, it is always a good choice – to enjoy relaxing game and beauty of mediterranean nature in the same time.


Text: Iana Fishova


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