The Spooky Side of Thessaloniki

As Thessaloniki is a very old city, there were many people that lived and died there. So you should expect ghosts to be among us, roaming the streets%ce%b1%cf%81%cf%87%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%ce%bb%ce%ae%cf%88%ce%b7%cf%82-1, hanging out in the spots they died or lived. Have you started getting a bit chilly thinking about where the city’s most famous ghosts like to host their undead parties? Maybe it is your house, the coffee shop that wakes you up every day. Ghosts don’t only like the spooky cemeteries and the eerie forests. So let’s see where some of them spend their endless time.

If you are studying or working in the Aristotle University most likely you have encountered a few, even without knowing. Many of the university’s buildings were constructed on a jewish cemetery. A lot reported on the past that they have heard strange noises, even seen figures that weren’t quite lifelike. Maybe it’s the angry jewish ghosts that seek vengeance from those who putted them further to the ground by building on top of them -literally. So next time you will be leaving late from the campus, think about it, there might be a ghost right behind you.

The university stories don’t end here, though. There is a myth that once there was a young girl who craved to become a lawyer. She was so passionate about it that she would spend day and night studying. Her fellow students mocked her about it, calling her a geek and a loser. She was always ignoring it, which%ce%b1%cf%81%cf%87%ce%b5%ce%af%ce%bf-%ce%bb%ce%ae%cf%88%ce%b7%cf%82 would make them even more angrier. One day ,during the winter exams, as she was leaving the law faculty to go and study in the library her mockers found her again, and repeated it their usual routine of insulting her and as usual she ignored them. As she moved to get down the stairs one of them, infuriated, went to grab her but instead she was pushed. She fell down the stairs cracking her skull open. She died instantly. Now you can find her in the libraries (or even at your house) during the exams trying to interrupt everyone’s study, as they did to her. So if next time you can’t study, it might be her not letting you.

prisoner-hands-mediumFinally, Thessaloniki’s most gruesome building is perhaps its symbol, the white tower. The tower was used as prisons and torture chambers by the ottomas. Many were tortured and killed inside these walls. At night it is said that those misfortuned souls go out to walk around the harbor happy that they are finally free and away from the sadistic torturers. If at some point you walk there and you notice a thick fog covering the place, its the ghosts that all go out of the tower to hang around.



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