3 Music Festivals You Cannot Miss In Thessaloniki 2017

Thessaloniki is the home of numerous cultural festivals and events. With something always going on, the city is as vibrant as it gets, offering locals and visitors alike plenty of options to spend their days… Or nights! However, the option that stands out and will never let you down is music festivals! And since there are many of them, let me give you a hand and pick the best ones for you. Oh wait, I’ve already done that!

So, here are the 3 music festivals you cannot miss if you find yourself in Thessaloniki in 2017:

Balkan Fest 2017


A major cultural center of the region, it’s no wonder that Thessaloniki is hosting the first inter-Balkan festival for the last 5 years. Taking place in February, “Balkan Fest” is set to promote the music and culture of the Balkan countries – a celebration you have to attend! Bands from all over the peninsula will be there to shake things up and get you moving! But you should expect more than that! Besides music, you will have the chance to enjoy films and Balkan artwork and even try delicious, mouthwatering Balkan tastes! So, you know what to do this February… Let the sounds of the trumpets take you to a journey around the Balkans!

Useful info

When: February 24th at 8pm.

Where: “WE”

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/134683000333862/

Street Mode Festival

The largest festival in Northern Greece – reaching approximately 30.000 spectators each year, since 2009 – “Street Mode Festival” is an annual music, street art and sports event that’s taking place in one of the most beautiful, scenic and iconic areas of the city, the Port of Thessaloniki! The festival hosts some of the best music gigs and DJ sets out there, with artists from around the globe and musical genres that range from rock to hip hop to reggae to dance music, turning the city into a street party! Plus, dedicated to street culture, “Street Mode Festival” offers much more for you to enjoy, including shows and contests of graffiti, street art, breaking and street dance and action sports such as parkour, BMX etc. To put it this way, there is no better place to put yourself on Street Mode!

Useful Info

When: September 1st – 3rd

Where: The Port of Thessaloniki

Official Website: http://www.streetmode.gr/en/



When thinking about festivals in Thessaloniki, nothing else come to mind first but “Reworks Festival”, and that’s only fair! Now in its thirteenth year, “Reworks” is an electronic music and audio-visual art happening – the first ever audio-visual festival in Greece – that has established itself as one of Europe’s finest and most creative festivals. A dance music oasis, the artists and DJs that participate cover the whole spectrum of electronic music – underground house, techno, experimental, you name it! What does this mean? It means that the rave never stops! So, just brace yourself and dive into this state of trance!

Useful Info

When: TBA

Where: “Mylos”

Official Website: http://reworks.gr/en/



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