Movie Mood: The Festivals You Have To Attend

Thessaloniki International Film Festival


Thessaloniki is the home of the top film festival in South Eastern Europe and the oldest and primary film festival in Greece. So, it is safe to say that the co-capital – as we, Greeks, tend to call it – is the “Film Capital” of the country, and in the center of it all is the “Thessaloniki International Film Festival”. Founded in the ‘60’s, it has been established as the center of Greek filmmaking and its popularity and status is ever-growing internationally. Every fall, films from all over the world, important guests, film tributes and many side events such as workshops, concerts etc. push both locals and visitors to flow in for screenings! All you have to do is to buy a ticket and just be a part of this huge, iconic film event!

P.S. Another great way to enjoy the event to become a volunteer!

Useful Info

Official Website:

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


As mentioned above, Thessaloniki is the “Film Capital” of Greece, so it goes without saying that a documentary festival is something that couldn’t be missing! Started in 1999, the “Thessaloniki Documentary Festival” is considered one of the most successful documentary festivals in the world and it is getting better and better every year. This March, the “18th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival’s” theme is “Images of the 21st Century”. If you are a concerned person, open to learning new things and sensitive as to what is going on around you, that is the place for you, no doubt about that!

Useful Info

When: March 3rd – 12th

Where: Cinema Olympion, Aristotelous Square

Official Website:

Taratsa International Film Festival


The “Taratsa International Film Festival” is an independent international short film festival that started in 2014, and since then it has become an annual thing. Its goal is to promote the art of short filmmaking and give new, indie artists a platform to expose their work. But, the best part of the festival is that the screenings take place on different terrace bars around the city center! So, you have the chance to watch beautiful, artistic and ambitious short films, while enjoying panoramic, breathtaking views of the city under the summer, starry sky! In other words, two birds with one stone! Plus, in addition to the main section of the festival, there are also parallel screenings of full-length films – again on terrace bars! Who would say no that?!

Useful Info

When: August 23rd – 27th

Where: TBA

Official Website:



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