Record Store Crawl: The Best Places to Buy the Best Music

No matter how much things have changed in music during the last couple decades, there’s nothing than the feeling of entering a record store, lingering in there for hours trying to find what to listen to next and finally buying a vinyl or a CD and listening to it for the first time! Luckily for music lovers, Thessaloniki has kept this feeling alive, despite all the barriers. Take a city that loves music and lives with it and then add the “vinyl renaissance” that has occurred in recent years, and… voilà! There you have Thessaloniki with its many record stores waiting for you to discover them! Below, you will find a short guide of the best record stores in Thessaloniki. After this, feel free to surrender to your music lust!

Stereodisc Record Shop


Located in the heart of Thessaloniki’s most famous square, Aristotelous Square, you will find a little music heaven! Recently renovated, “Stereodisc” is a place that has been providing music fans with records since 1968! Be it rock, jazz or electronic, be it old or just released, here you can choose anything you like from a great variety of music, with the help of a friendly and experienced staff!

Address: Aristotelous Square 4

Zacharias (Ζαχαρίας)


Also a record store that counts a long time open, “Zacharias” is the perfect place for old music lovers! Have a walk in Navarinou Square, visit “Zacharias” and get lost in rock, blues and jazz sounds from international artists and Greek, as well! Here you can, also, find second hand, low-priced records that can make great gifts!

Address: Dimitriou Gounari 17



A record store that mainly focuses on dance, electronic vibes or indie rock records, “Noise” is a place that may remind you of Berlin! With countless, and often rare records, this is the place to find something different, underground-y that you couldn’t find anywhere else! Plus, with an owner always available and willing to guide you through these musical paths, “Noise” will leave you as satisfied as it gets!

Address: Dimitri Margariti 5

Lotus (Λωτός)


Hidden” in an alley in the center of Thessaloniki, “Lotus” is a record store stuffed both with new and old releases! In addition, it is one of the few stores where you can find records released by the store itself! With musical choices from the Dark Wave, Punk and Electro genres, “Lotus” is definitely worth checking out!

Address: Skra 7



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