“Bougatsa Giannis”: the men behind our favorite after-party spot

All of us, who live or travel to Thessaloniki, have visited at least once this small restaurant at the end of Mitropoleos street. For those who don’t know what “Bougatsa Giannis” is, we are about to explain!

First of all, bougatsa is a Greek food, filled with cream, chocolate, meat or cheese. And this restaurant exists to remind us that the best way to feel full after a party is to eat bougatsa.

The restaurant started working about 22 years ago, by Papadopoulos Giannis and Giorgos. As the owners said, the restaurant began as a small unknown business but it became very famous as it has an unusual tip: it opens at night and closes late in the morning. The two men work many hours, so friends and family come every night to the restaurant to meet them and eat their favorite bougatsa. This meeting creates a very familiar and friendly atmosphere in the bar and that is what most of people love, apart from bougatsa of course!

As I was waiting to order my delicious meal, Mr. Giorgos told me a funny story that happened at the restaurant a few years ago. He said that one night, his friends, who came from Crete to visit him at work, started eating, drinking and dancing. Then all the costumes of the restaurant became very excited and danced too. As he described, the feeling of happiness was very strong and he felt that this restaurant can truly connect people.

So if you ever feel hungry after a long night at a club, don’t forget to do a quick stop at “Bougatsa Giannis”. I’m sure you will enjoy it!


Text: Korina Flevari



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