Few tips to meet locals

Something is striking when you come in Thessaloniki, it’s the love of life that are expressing Greek people. For most of them (if it’s not all of them) to go out really late at night, eat good food, drink, spend precious time with their family but above all share their love for their city with tourists and foreign student, which is absolutely lovely and uncommon when you’re from a city as Paris. Nothing exceptional you’ll say, who doesn’t like to spend good times? Yet in Greece this atmosphere is different, is transmit and can be feel in every corner and in the countless bars, restaurants and coffee shop of the city!

Here are a few tips to meet Greeks and to make this experience unforgettable!

The sea side

From the port to the Concert Hall passing by the Aristotelous Square and the White Tower, this spot is frequented all the time (even the winter) from the morning until night. You can have a chat in sitting down the White Tower, historical Byzantine monument, while having loukoumades (Honey Puff) delicious golden balls of fried dough that are bathed in sweet syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts. This walk is also the perfect spot to run. You’ll be amazed to see joggers at the middle of the night in the hot summers.

Sea side and the White Tower

Valaoritou/Ladadika’s nightlife

Thessaloniki is a city where people knows how to party! From Monday to Sunday, you’ll be surprised to see how alive this city can be. Most of the club and restaurants, most known as “tavernas” are located in Ladadika near the port. For people who likes to go out and have fun without spending too much money, this is the ideal location where every Greeks go out. During the spring and the summer you can even have DJ’s mixing in the street! Valaoritou is just next to Ladadika, with a younger population, a lot of bars you can enjoy with non only locals but also international customers.

Morichovou square


You cannot go to Thessaloniki without going to Halkidiki in Chalcidice (a peninsula located in the North of Greece)! Called the “secret paradise of Greece”, you can bath in the clear blue water of the Aegean Sea. Between 20 minutes and 2 hours away from the city, you’ll have the choice among many splendid beaches, whom have nothing to be ashamed of in comparison of the most known touristic areas such as Santorini or Cyprus. A lot of people who live in Greece have a second property there and like to enjoy there vacation there.

So don’t worry about meeting locals, during your trip, it will be the easiest thing to do!

One of the numerous Halkidiki beaches

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