Nemo One: a tiny car controlled by your thoughts!

What could happen if the strength of our thoughts cooperated with technology? The answer was given by three ambitious young people, who managed to create a small car moving by using our minds.

Asteris Arampatzis, George Sidiropoulos and Thanasis Theoharis presented their masterpiece for the first time at “Thessaloniki Science Festival” and until now, they haven’t stopped developing it. The product attracted people’s interest and many of them wanted to try it, especially teenagers. The whole creation is about a combination between mental and calculating activity, which provokes devices’ control, using an item that can “read” the cerebral waves.

“Nemo One”, as it is called, needed less than two months of research and only five days to be ready to use. The tiny machine is placed in the small car and you have to put on a kind of helmet, which touches your forehead, in order to have a direct connection with your brain. Then, by the strength of your thought, the small car is moving.

 “We were informed about the process but we didn’t have all the necessary tools from the beginning. We were experimenting and that was how this machine came about. All we wanted was to make a product that will be very helpful in the future, an innovation”, said Asteris Arampatzis.

Personally, I had the chance to try this innovation and it was an amazing experience! I put on the helmet and I was concentrated to the car, thinking about left or right to move it.  If I wanted to move it forward or backward, I added or subtracted numbers as well. I loved it!!

   Text: Korina Flevari


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