Show must go on: places to see a theater play or a concert in Thessaloniki

As you may know, Greece is the mother of ancient drama. The theater was one of the most important arts since 700 B.C  and had a significant political and social power since then.So, if you’re in Thessaloniki, don’t miss your chance to enjoy a theater play or a good life concert!

Enjoy open-air theaters

Forest Theatre of Thessaloniki (Dassos Theatre) and the Theatre of the Earth (Theatro Gis) are both parts of National Theater of Nothern Greece.

In Dassos, an open-air theater, located in the heart of the forest, you can watch concerts, theater plays, perfomances and other cultural events.

Снимок экрана 2017-01-15 в 20.43.54.png

NB: Enjoy the stunning view from theater Dassos: amazing both at night and during the day

Address:  Dassos: Forest of Seich Sou, Agios Pavlos, Thessaloniki

Theatro Gis: Damari Triandrias

Visit Vassiliko Theatro (Royal Theatre)

Снимок экрана 2017-01-15 в 20.28.23.png

The theatrical complex of the Royal Theatre, which now permanently hosts the NTNG, consists of a hall of 683 seats, is fully equipped and provides an ability to make large exhibitions and presentations. As every part of NTNG, this theater offers quality plays.

Adress: Leoforos Vassileos Georgiou 1

Relax at Thessaloniki concert hall

Снимок экрана 2017-01-15 в 20.32.44.png

The modern building  which operates as a cultural center hosts high quality classical concerts, theatre plays, ballet shows etc. What is more, it offers stunning  view on the sea which is possible because of ground floor walls made of glass.

Adress25 25Is Martiou

Text: Elizaveta Loginova



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