“Road of bells: a special event dedicated to tradition”

February is coming and more than 1.500 participants have started preparing their traditional costumes for the special day, when Thessaloniki is waking up by the sweet noise of thousands of bells. But wait a second, what is the “Road of bells”? “Road of bells” is a traditional parade, which takes place at the port of … More “Road of bells: a special event dedicated to tradition”

Thessaloniki:”3..2..1.. Happy New Year!”

Let’s be honest, Christmas is the most worldwide celebration of the year, when families and friends get back together and have great times. Laughs and hugs in front of the fireplace, delicious family meals, warm clothes and snow. These are the things that come to our minds every time we think about Christmas. In Greece, … More Thessaloniki:”3..2..1.. Happy New Year!”